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Absorption of Chitooligosaccharide in the human body

Posted by:bozhihuili    Published:2015-05-10 11:17

The digestive enzymes of the mammals are mainly saliva amylase and pancreatic amylase. 

Chitooligosaccharide is composed of N-acetyl - D - glucosamine andβ-1, 4 -glycosidic bond, which cannot be 

degraded by digestive enzyme of the mammals. According to the report of literature, we can speculate that 

Chitooligosaccharide is mainly absorbed by the small intestine, and it reaches all parts of the body by the way 

of passive diffusion, playing an important role in its biological function. 

Experiment shows that with the increase of its molecular weight, the absorption efficiency is declining. And the 

absorption efficiency of COS (3.8KDa) is 23 ~ 25 times higher than that of water-soluble chitosan (230KDa). 

The study found that the absorption efficiency of COS is closely related to its molecular weight.

After entering into the blood, the content of Chitooligosaccharide can reach its peak within 1 hour. For 

water-soluble chitosan, due to its molecular weight, so the blood concentration of chitosan is less than that of 

Chitooligosaccharide. The concentration of COS in liver is higher than that in other organs. It also was found in 

the kidney, spleen, lungs, and lymph. This is the reason why Chitooligosaccharide plays an important role in its 

physiological functions.


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