Allergic reactions to chitosan oligosaccharides

About the chitosan oligosaccharides are allergic reactions, allergic reactions are manifested as rash, itching skin, eye droppings, red eyes, tears, frequent urination, urgent urination. This is because the acid substances and toxins in the body are being excreted through sweat glands, eyes, urethra and other parts of the excretory acid substances adsorbed on the body surface, eyes and urethra and appear temporary reaction, after a period of time will automatically disappear. Among them, liver metabolic function is damaged, diabetic patients are most likely to appear skin pruritus, even rash. Especially diabetic people appear ketone body acidosis, the acid substance in the body is more, excreta increases accordingly, so when the acid substance adsorbed on the body surface is not completely metabolized through sweat, it will appear skin pruritus or small rash phenomenon. There are urethritis due to the discharge of acidosis, easy to appear frequent urination, urgent urination phenomenon. The above situation varies from person to person, not necessarily everyone will appear. Solution :1 Patience, drink more water, exercise more, frequent cleaning to speed up metabolism, after a period of time will naturally disappear. 2 If more serious, can reduce take or stop for a period of time or use general anti-inflammatory drugs such as peiyanping, erythromycin eye ointment.

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