Application of chitosan oligosaccharide in pig production

Oligosaccharides, also known as chitosan oligosaccharides, oligosaccharides, are obtained by the degradation of chitosan (chitosan), the product of deacetylation of chitin (also called chitin, chitin), and the relative molecular mass 5000 of 2~10 glucosamine linked by β-1,4- glycoside bond. Oligosaccharides are alkaline amino sugar. COS easily soluble in water, easy to be absorbed by the intestinal tract, and COS non-toxic, non-immune antigenicity, will not have harmful effects on the animal body. COS can also inhibit the growth of bacteria, enhance the immunity of animals, improve the antioxidant capacity of the body and improve the production performance. this paper reviews the application of COS in pig production in recent years by domestic and foreign scholars, and puts forward the application prospect of COS in pig production.


  1. Piglets
  1. dietary addition of chitosan oligosaccharide reduces diarrhea rate and intestinal mucosal injury in piglets: dietary COS can enhance intestinal digestion and absorption ability and improve the performance of piglets. wang Xiuwu et al. showed that dietary addition COS 200mg/kg significantly reduced the mortality and defective rate of 1~35 day-old lactating piglets and 36~70 day-old weaning piglets, while significantly increased daily gain, thus improving the performance of piglets.
  2. Cos can also improve the intestinal microecological balance of piglets, significantly increase the number of beneficial bacteria, and significantly reduce the number of intestinal harmful bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus). meanwhile, dietary addition of COS can also enhance the immunity of piglets. adding cos30mg/kg, results to the daily diet of weaned piglets at 25 days of age showed that the concentration of IgG in COS group was significantly higher than that in the basic diet group, indicating that could enhance the immunity of piglets.
  1. Grips

Dietary addition of COS can improve the immunity of pregnant sows. At the same time, adding COS to the daily diet of pregnant sows can improve the antioxidant capacity of sows. The addition of cos0.03%, in the daily diet of pregnant sows significantly reduced the number of piglets with a weight of less than 900 g in 2~3 births, and significantly increased the live litter weight and the number of live births in 5th births, indicating that COS can improve the reproductive performance of sows.


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