Effect of Amino-oligosaccharide on control of Aloe anthracnose

Amino-oligosaccharides, also known as agricultural chitosan oligosaccharides, are widely used as biological pesticides in disease prevention, disease resistance and promoting crop growth. can control crop mycosis, bacterial disease and viral disease, and can promote crop growth and improve disease resistance.

In order to investigate the effect of amino oligosaccharide on the control of Aloe anthracnose ,5 treatments were set up :2% amino oligosaccharide diluted 300 times ,2% amino oligosaccharide diluted 400 times ,2% amino oligosaccharide diluted 500 times ,50% carbendazim wettable powder diluted 800 times and water spray control. In the growth and development period of Aloe ,4 times of application were used to investigate the control effect of each treatment group on Aloe anthracnose. Results After the fourth application, the control effect was 74.50%,63.47%,57.89%,67.46%, and the yield was 15.27%,12.26%,5.75%,12.68%. The results showed that the disease index of Aloe anthracnose could be greatly reduced by spraying amino-oligosaccharide on the leaf surface in the early stage of disease.



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