Production Process of Chitosan Oligosaccharide

      At present, the industrial production of chitosan oligosaccharide is mainly used in two ways: one is the physical and chemical degradation method; the two is the biological enzyme method. Our company uses the biological enzyme method to produce chitosan oligosaccharide.

Step 1: Pretreatment of raw material.

      Add chitosan to dilute acid solution, from a gel like chitosan colloid, colloids through a bag filter acid insoluble and reduce the ash content of products from the raw materials.

Step 2: Degradation of chitosan.

      Adjust dissolved chitosan colloid to a suitable temperature, then add Chitosan degrading enzyme to degradate, after arrival at a specific degree of polymerization, the reaction is end, inactivated enzyme.

Step 3: Desalination of chitosan oligosaccharide solution.

      The system adopts nanofiltration membrane desalination process, can reduce the ash content of chitosan oligosaccharide.

Step 4: Spray and drying of products.

      Use the tower, high speed rotary atomizer, to make the chitosan oligosaccharide particles more uniform and more fine, and guarantee the moisture of products is low.

Step 5: Testing and packaging of products. 

      Produced products, after inspection by the quality inspection department, packaged to finished products.


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