Why us

We concentrate all energies on researching and manufacturing marine oligosaccharides,providing methods of application,delivering you worry-saving & healthy solutions. 


·Isolating & purifying different degree of polymerization monomers to support lab research,

·Finding out a set of efficient qualitative and quantitative analysis methods to assure stable quality. 

Degree of Polymerization Analysis by HPLC

Molecular Weight Determination by HPLC

DAC Determination by NMR

Content Determination

2.Methods of application

·Optimizing production process together with China National Center for Marine Drug Engineering and technology to create cost-effective products

·Providing professional technical supports to help clients know and use marine oligos quickly.

3.Healthy Solutions

Because of living under the lucifugal, high-pressure, high-salt and anoxic environment, marine organisms produced and accumulated a lot of natural active ingredients which with complex structures and special biological activities. Marine oligos are typical example of them, providing healthy solutions to many hotspot social issues.  


1)  Chitosan oligosaccharide has shown to be an effective elicitor of Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) in plant which induce plants' natural defenses to boost plant vigor, improve plant health and yield parameters. It is an excellent solution to reduce usage amount of chemical pesticide. At same time, chitosan oligosaccharide could activate human & animal’s immunoreaction too, then improve their immunity to reduce the usage amount of antibiotics.

2)  Alginate oligosaccharide is the precusor of GV-971 which is an innovative drug for treatment of mild-to-moderate Alzheimer's disease in China. It can bind to multiple Aβ regions and in its different states and thus inhibits Aβ aggregation and destabilizes aggregated fibrils into monomeric nontoxic forms (Referring international patent WO 2005/089776 A1). It offers an innovative and multi-targeting mechanism of action and opens a new avenue for the treatment of AD.

3)  Due to the full exposure of sulfuric acid groups on the molecular chain, carrageenan oligosaccharides performs well in antiviral actions, such as controlling H1N1, HPV, HSV and HAV virus.

4. Rich Experience

There has been 9-year experience in producing and exporting marine oligosaccharides. We have gained rich experience and become increasingly mature. 

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We are a professional Manufacturer in China, and we are constantly innovating so that our customers can have better products and services.
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