G Rich Alginate Oligosaccharide

Guluronate Oligoscharcharides RADOG

Guluronate Oligoscharcharides RADOG
Guluronate Oligoscharcharides RADOG
Guluronate Oligoscharcharides RADOG



Product Information

Alginate oligosaccharide (G Rich), produced by the degradation of algin, is a linear polysaccharide consisting of β-D-Mannuronate (M Block) and α-L-Guluronate (G Block) and whose content of G block is more than 80%. 

Product Code:RADOG

English Name: Alginate oligosaccharide (G Block) , Oligoguluronate, Sodium oligo- Guluronate, Guluronate oligosaccharides.

Structural Formula:


1. Natural & Non-toxic

2. Low Dosage

3. Special Functions

Product Functions

1. Improving immunity and resisting tumor

Guluronate oligosaccharides can activate and proliferation macrophages, and increase the contact area between macrophages and exogenous antigen, so it can play a role in improving immunity. Guluronate oligosaccharides have anti-tumor effects by enhancing the defense ability of organism to tumor cells and enhancing the function of host immune system,they have no cytotoxicity and no damage to normal cells.

2. Anti-inflammatory

Guluronate oligosaccharides can effectively inhibit the expression of excessive inflammatory mediators and inflammatory cytokines, and inhibit the nuclear transcription signaling pathway and MAPK signaling pathway, thereby inhibiting the occurrence of inflammatory responses.

3. Antiviral

The "gelatinization" of Guluronate oligosaccharides prevents viral RNA from crossing cell membranes to prevent infection.

4. Anti-oxidation and delay senility

Guluronate oligosaccharides can effectively remove superoxide anion (O2-), hydroxyl radical (OH-), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and other radicals.It also has a strong activity of chelating ferrous ions, reducing lipid peroxidation, thus delaying cell senescence.

5. Adsorb and remove of heavy metals

Guluronate oligosaccharide has a strong complexing ability to heavy metal ions, especially to lead ions has a strong adsorption and elimination ability, which is of great significance for the prevention and treatment of lead poisoning. Guluronate oligosaccharides can also inhibit the absorption of radioactive elements in the body.

Product Show

- Drug Discovery

- Active ingredients of Gynecological Gels.

- Active Ingredients of Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods or Beverages: Energy Drinks, Beauty Drinks, etc.

Test Items Specifications
Colour and lustre Whitish,Light yellow to yellow
Taste and smell With its own inherent smell, no odor
Impurities No visible foreign matter
Particle size All pass the 0.30mm analysis screen, and the contents on the 0.2mm analysis screen are no more than 10%
Character Powder
M Content               ≥80 %
Molecular weight         ≤4000 Da
Moisture                ≤10.0 %
Insolubles           ≤1.0 %
pH value 4.0-7.0
Pb                   ≤1.0  mg/kg
Hg                ≤0.3  mg/kg
As                 ≤1.0  mg/kg
Plate count ≤30000 CFU/g
Coliform bacteria ≤0.92  MPN/g
Mold and yeast ≤50  CFU/g
Staphylococcus aureus Negative
Salmonella Negative
Production Process
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