Chitosan Oligosaccharide Group

Chitosan & Chitin Oligosaccharide Group

Made from chitosan and chitin which are origin from crab shells, obtainded by enzymatic hydrolysis, chemical derivatization and chromatographic separation.

Product Code Commodity Name Purity CAS No. MOQ
SCH02 Chitobiose Dihydrochloride 98% min 577-76-4 10mg
SCH03 Chitotriose Trihydrochloride 98% min 41708-93-4 10mg
SCH04 Chitotetraose Tetrahydrochloride 98% min 117399-50-5 10mg
SCH05 Chitopentaose Pentahydrochloride 97% min 35061-50-7 10mg
SCH06 Chitohexaose Hexahydrochloride 96% min 41708-95-6 10mg
SCH07 Chitoheptaose Heptahydrochloride 95% min 68232-35-9 10mg
SCH08 Chitooctaose Octahydrochloride 95% min 98632-70-3 5mg
SCH09 Chitononaose Nonahydrochloride 90% min   5mg
SCH10 Chitodecaose Decahydrochloride 90% min   5mg
SCHKA Chitosan oligosaccharides Kit A (DP2~6) 95% min   10mg each
SCHKB Chitosan oligosaccharides Kit B(DP2~10) 90% min   10mg each
MCH3-7 Chitooligosaccharide hydrochloride (DP3-7) mixed standard DP Analysis   1g
MCH2-10 Chitooligosacharide hydrochloride mixture (DP2-10) DP Analysis   1g
MCOS1K Chitosanoligos MW<1kDa  MW<1kDa   100g
MCOS2K Chitosanoligos MW 1~2kDa MW 1~2kDa   100g
MCOS3K Chitosanoligos MW 2~3kDa MW 2~3kDa   100g
SCA02 Chitobiose Octaacetate 96% min 41670-99-9 10mg
SCA03 Chitotriose Undecaacetate 97% min 53942-45-3 10mg
SCA04 Chitotetraose Tetradecaacetate 97% min 117399-51-6 10mg
SCA05 Chitopentaose Pentadecaacetate 96% min   10mg
SCA06 Chitohexaose Hexadecaacetate 95% min   10mg
SCN01 N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine 98% min 7512-17-6 10mg
SCN02 N,N'-Diacetylchitobiose 98% min 35061-50-8 10mg
SCN03 N,N',N''-Triacetylchitotriose 98% min 38864-21-0 10mg
SCN04 N,N',N'',N'''-Tetraacetylchitotetraose 97% min 2706-65-2 10mg
SCN05 N,N',N'',N''',N''''-Pentaacetyl chitopentaose 95% min 36467-68-2 10mg
SCN06 N,N',N'',N''',N'''',N'''''-Hexaacetyl chitohexaose 95% min 38854-46-5 10mg
SCN07 N,N',N'',N''',N'''',N''''',N''''''- Heptaacetyl chitoheptaose 90% min   5mg
SCNKA Chitin Oligosaccharides Kit A (DP2~6) 95% min   10mg each
MCN1-6 Chitin Oligosaccharides Mixture (DP1~6) DP Analysis   1g
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