Carrageenan Oligosaccharide

Carrageenan Oligosaccharide

Carrageenan Oligosaccharide
Carrageenan Oligosaccharide



Product Information

Carrageenan Oligosaccharide is a series of Oligosaccharide with different relative molecular weights and compositions obtained by degrading carrageenan with biological enzyme degradation technology. Carrageenan Oligosaccharide is a sulfuric acid linear Oligosaccharide formed by alternately connecting the basic skeletons of 1,3-Beta-D-galactose and 1,4-Alpha-D-galactose. Carrageenan Oligosaccharide can be divided into seven types according to whether galactose contains inner ether and the number and connecting position of sulfuric acid groups on galactose, among which Kappa-,Iota-and λ-types are the most common.

Product Code:RCGOF

Structural Formula:


Carrageenan Oligosaccharide is mainly obtained by degrading carrageenan. Compared with carrageenan, carrageenan Oligosaccharide has smaller molecular weight, better solubility, better stability and safety. At the same time, due to the full exposure of active groups on the molecular chain, its original activity is improved and even new activity is generated.

Product Functions

Main functions

Antiviral activity

The negative charge it carries directly acts on the virus surface to kill the virus. The positive charge on the cell surface is shielded by the negative charge of sulfuric acid groups, thus interfering with the adsorption process of viruses on cells. Negative charges interfere with the interaction between the virus and the receptor, thus inhibiting the endocytosis mediated by the virus receptor and thus inhibiting the invasion of the virus. Can directly interfere with virus replication-related enzymes, and can also affect related targets in host cells to inhibit transcription and replication processes after viruses invade cells.

Other functions

1、 Immune regulation and anti-tumor activity

Carrageenan Oligosaccharide can enhance the activity of immune cells, increase the content of immune IL-2 (interleukin) and TNF-Alpha (tumor necrosis factor), inhibit angiogenesis by inhibiting endothelial cell proliferation, cell invasion and cell migration, and further inhibit the growth and proliferation of cancer cells.

2、Anti-radiation activity

Carrageenan oligosaccharide can obviously alleviate the decrease of spleen NK cell activity, the inhibition of hematopoiesis and haemocytes decrease caused by radiation. In addition, carrageenan oligosaccharide can strengthen the immune system and protect from radiation injury.

3、Antibiosis and anti-virus activity

Carrageenan oligosaccharide can inhibit the adhesion of herpes simplex virus type 1, and can also inhibit enterobacteria proliferation, promote the growth of small intestinal microvilli and immune system of broiler.

Product Show

1、Food field: Gelling agent, Stabilizer, Suspending agent, Clarifying agent, etc.

2、Daily chemical industry: Toothpaste, Detergent, Cosmetics, etc.

3、Pharmaceutical Industry: Pharmaceutical Suspension Concentrate, Barium Sulfate Dispersant, etc.

4、Biochemistry: Microbial Carrier and Immobilized Cell Carrier, etc.

Test Items Specifications
Appearance White or Light yellow Powder
Smell Odourless
Content                 ≥90 %
SO42- 15~40 %
Degree of polymerizationt <20
Particle size ≥100 Mesh
pH value 3.5~5.0
Moisture  ≤10.0 %
Ash content   ≤28.0 %
Insoluble  ≤0.5 %
Pb  ≤5.0 mg/kg
As     ≤3.0 mg/kg
Hg ≤3.0 mg/kg
Total plate count ≤500 CFU/g
Molds and yeasts count ≤25 CFU/g
Pathogenic bacterium    Negative
Production Process
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