Agaro-Oligosaccharides Group

Agar Oligosaccharide Group

Made from agarose which is origin from red seaweed, obtainded by enzymatic hydrolysis, chemical derivatization and chromatographic separation.

Product Code Commodity Name Purity CAS No. MOQ
SNA02 Neoagarobiose 98% min 484-58-2 10mg
SNA04 Neoagarotetraose 98% min 16033-31-1 10mg
SNA06 Neoagarohexaose 98% min 25023-93-2 10mg
SNA08 Neoagarooctaose  98% min 25023-94-3 10mg
SNA10 Neoagarodecaose 95% min  361564-45-6 10mg
SNA12 Neoagarododecaose 95% min 361564-47-8 10mg
SNA14 Neoagarotetradecaose 95% min 361564-49-0 5mg
SNAKA Agar Oligosaccharides Kit A(DP2.     10mg each
SAA03 Agarotriose 98% min 155015-96-6 10mg
SAA05 Agaropentose 98% min 155015-99-9 10mg
SAA07 Agaroheptose 98% min  852690-25-6 10mg
SAA09 Agaronanose 95% min 852690-26-7 10mg
SAA11 Agaroundecaose 95% min   10mg
SAA13 Agarotridecaose 95% min   5mg
SAA15 Agaropentadecaose 95% min   5mg
SAAKA Agar Oligosaccharides Kit  B(DP3. 95% min   10mg each
MAA1-3K Purified Agar Oligosaccharides MW 1~3kDa   1g
MAA3-6K Purified Agar Oligosaccharides MW 3~6kDa   1g
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