Raffinose Family Oligosaccharides

Raffinose Family Oligosaeeharides

Made from galacto-oligosaccharides which is origin from Eupatorium, obtained from chromatographic separation.

Product Code Commodity Name Purity CAS No. MOQ
SGE03 Raffinose, Galactotriose from Eupatorium 98% min 512-69-6 10mg
SGE04 Stachyose, Galactotetraose from Eupatorium 98% min 470-55-3  10mg
SGE05 Verbascose, Galactopentaose from Eupatorium 97% min 546-62-3 10mg
SGE06 Ajugose, Galactohexaose from Eupatorium 96% min 512-72-1 10mg
SGE07 Galactoheptaose from Eupatorium 95% min   5mg
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