Agar oligosaccharides have good development value in agricultural production

In order to investigate the effect of agar oligosaccharide as exciter on plants, researchers from Ningbo University and other units used green 18 cucumber as test material to spray different concentrations of agar oligosaccharide during its growth. The growth index, resistance-related enzyme activity and gene expression, as well as pesticide acetamiprid residues were measured. The results showed that spraying Agar oligosaccharide could significantly promote the growth of cucumber plants and increase fruit yield, increase the activities of superoxide dismutase, peroxidase, polyphenol oxidase and catalase in cucumber leaves, reduce the content of malondialdehyde, and up-regulate the expression of chitinase and disease-related protein 1 gene, the highest expression was 10.4 times and 14.5 times of that of control group, respectively. In addition, spraying Agar oligosaccharides effectively reduced the half-life of acetamiprid on cucumber and accelerated its degradation. Fruit soaking test results also showed that agar oligosaccharides could significantly reduce pesticide residues and 100μg/ml of agar oligosaccharide solution could reduce agricultural residues by 68.29%. In summary, the researchers believe that agaric oligosaccharides can promote cucumber plant growth, increase resistance and reduce pesticide residues in fruit.

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