The function and application skills of plant vaccine chitosan oligosaccharide

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Function introduction of chitosan oligosaccharide

Chitooligosaccharide has a wide range of applications, not only can it be used to control various fungal diseases, bacterial diseases, viral diseases, root knot nematodes, etc. on crops, such as sheath blight, rice smut, powdery mildew, dwarf Shrinkage disease, scab, bacterial wilt, root rot, leaf blight, downy mildew, gray mold, blight, fusarium wilt, virus disease, etc., and it can be widely used in various common crops For example, various grain crops, vegetable crops, melon and fruit crops, fruit tree crops, economical Crops can use chitosan oligosaccharide. At the same time, chitosan oligosaccharide can be used for foliar spraying, root irrigation, and can also be used in combination with other drugs.

It should be noted that the effect of chitosan oligosaccharide in the prevention and control of various diseases and insect pests may be strong or weak (but it is very effective in the prevention and control of fungal diseases, virus diseases, root-knot nematodes, etc.), and its effect alone is not as good as with The combined use of other drugs can achieve both internal and external pest control effects, such as sterilization with pyraclostrobin, thifuramide, ningnanmycin, flusilazole, etiocyclin, tebuconazole, dimethomorph, etc. Drugs are compounded.

How to use and use skills on various crops

1. The use of chitosan oligosaccharide to treat the soil in the seedbed can well prevent pre-disease protection of seedlings Generally speaking, when the crops are sown or transplanted, if it is necessary to disinfect the seedbed soil or prevent soil-borne diseases, it is recommended to use 0.5% chitosan oligosaccharide water spray to the surface at 400-600 times or granules for 5-6 times. Kilograms of mixed fine soil are spread into the soil (or spread in sowing holes and planting ditch), which can effectively achieve the purpose of soil disinfection and sterilization and prevention of pests and diseases.

2. The use of chitosan oligosaccharide for seed dressing can promote seed germination, stimulate root growth, and reduce diseases at the seedling stage. When planting some fruits, vegetables or other crops, use 400-500 times of 0.5% chitosan oligosaccharide aqueous solution for continuous seed soaking for about 6 hours before sowing (or perform seed dressing and coating treatment with the liquid), on the one hand, it can improve the seeds The budding power and germination rate of the seedlings can be improved, so that the seeds can sprout and grow roots faster after sowing, and the seedlings will emerge stronger. Moreover, by using the chitosan oligosaccharide liquid for seed dressing treatment, the stress resistance of crop seeds and seedlings can be enhanced. and immunity, so as to resist external bacterial infection and reduce the incidence of diseases. For example, seed soaking with medicinal liquid can prevent bacterial wilt, fusarium wilt, black rot, etc., melon wilt and powdery mildew in the seedling stage of crops. , blight, black spot, virus disease and other diseases.

3. The use of chitosan oligosaccharide to irrigate the root can stimulate the growth and development of the root system and effectively prevent the root-knot nematode damage to the root system. When planting various crops such as melons, fruits and vegetables, we often encounter the problems of slow root growth, late rooting, few fibrous roots, rotted roots, and dead roots, or when underground root-knot nematodes damage the root system. In the case of poor root growth of these crops, we can use 300-500 times of 0.5% chitosan oligosaccharide to irrigate the roots of the crops 2-3 times continuously, the amount of irrigation liquid per tree is 150-250 ml, every 7 -Irrigating the roots once every 10 days can promote the stunted root system of crops to regain vigorous vitality (rapid root growth, root hair, increase fibrous roots, reduce dead roots and rotten roots), remove root knot nematodes, root rot, The damage to crops from diseases and insect pests such as bacterial wilt is minimized. Under normal circumstances, when crops are irrigated with chitosan oligosaccharide, it is better to do it at the seedling stage or when transplanting and planting, or at the early stage of disease or before the high incidence of disease.

4. The use of chitosan oligosaccharide foliar spray can not only prevent diseases, promote growth, but also improve yield and quality In the process of crop growth, use 600-800 times of 0.5% chitosan oligosaccharide to spray 2-3 times on the crop surface and once every 7-10 days, which can promote and stimulate the growth of crop root system. It can also enhance the photosynthesis of the leaves of crops, promote the vigorous growth and development of crops, and also enhance the physiological resistance and immunity of the crops themselves. Downy mildew, blight, soft rot, leaf blight, etc.), so as to achieve the effects of promoting growth, preventing diseases, increasing yield and improving quality. Generally speaking, field crops (such as wheat, rice, etc.) are recommended to be sprayed at the slow seedling stage, greening stage, tillering stage, jointing stage, and grain-filling stage. Crops are recommended to be sprayed at the budding stage, flowering stage, young fruit stage, and fruit tree expansion stage. It should be noted that if it is to control the virus disease of crops, it is generally recommended to spray in advance, and it is best to use it together with zinc-containing foliar fertilizer.

5. The use of chitosan oligosaccharide spraying before the arrival of bad weather can effectively enhance the resistance and resistance of crops to adverse environments. Before the arrival of high temperature or low temperature weather, the crops can be sprayed with 700-800 times of 0.5% chitosan oligosaccharide 2-3 days in advance, which can greatly enhance the crop's resistance and resistance to adverse environments, thereby maximizing the To reduce the adverse effects of bad weather conditions on crop growth.

Precautions for the use of chitosan oligosaccharide in crops

1. Chitooligosaccharide is widely used in various fruits and vegetables crops and fruit tree crops.

2. In order to improve the effect of chitosan oligosaccharide, it is recommended to use it together with other drugs, such as pyraclostrobin, thifuramide, ningnanmycin, flusilazole, etiocin, tebuconazole, dinoyl Morpholine et al.

3. For the plots with more serious diseases and insect pests or more soil-borne diseases, it is recommended to use chitosan oligosaccharide as soon as possible at the seedling stage of the crop, but it should be noted that the number of times of use in the entire growing period of the crop should be controlled within 3 times, and the drug is safe The use interval should be no less than 5-7 days.

4. When using chitosan oligosaccharide, it should be noted that it should not be used together with other alkaline drugs, foliar fertilizers, etc., and it should not be used together with metal drugs.

BZ Oligo mainly offer marine oligosaccharide standards and ingredients, containing alginate oligosaccharide, chitosan oligosaccharide, agar oligosaccharide and carrageenan oligosaccharide, which give business opportunities using these untapped oligosaccharides for biological applications targeting lab research, pharmacy, dietary supplement, sustainable agriculture and animal health. 



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