Chitosan Oligosaccharide Seed Treatment Combination

Formula: Compound Amino Oligosaccharide Solution : Nutrient Solution Volume Ratio=1 : 2

       Among them, the Compound Amino Oligosaccharide Solution is prepared by 4% Chitosan Acetic Acid Solution with 1% Chitosan Oligosaccharide Solution according to the volume ratio of 1 : 1;

       Among them, the contents of each component in the Nutrient Solution were: Lime Nitrate 70g/L、Potassium Nitrate 45g/L、Magnesium Sulfate 50g/L、Monopotassium Phosphate 35g/L、 Diethylamine Tetraacetic Acid Disodium 6g/L、Ferrous Sulfate 4g/L、Boric Acid 4g/L、Manganese Sulfate 1.5g/L、Bluestone 0.05g/L、Zinc Sulfate 0.1g/L、Key Acid 0.16g/L.

Use-method: The seed treating agent diluted 20 times, evenly spray and stir the seeds, cool 3-6 hours then sow.

Use-case 1: Experiment in Xinjiang area, treating the seed of spring wheat with different methods, seedling growth investigation:



Project processing

Chitosan oligosaccharide composition

Commercially available seed soaking liquid

Disparity statistics

The number of seedlings in the segment




Basic seedling number




The number of seedling with second true leaf folded




The number of seedling with two leaves




Average root number per plant




Maximum root length




Average length of root




Average stem diameter




Average fresh weight per plant




      From the above table can be known, after treating seed by seed treating agent made of this formula, can promote the development of seedling root system, increase nutrient absorption, seedling growth strong.

一、The Composition of the Chitosan Oligosaccharide Growth Regulator

Formula: Chitosan Oligosaccharide: 50g, Content 90%、DAC>90%, Molecular Weight<3000Da;

         Tea saponin powder: 15g, Content >98%;

         Trace element mixture: 5g, each gram of trace element mixture contains Manganese Sulfate 0.15g, Zinc Sulfate 0.15g, Magnesium Sulfate 0.15g, Bluestone 0.05g, Boric Acid 0.15g, Ammonium Molybdate 0.15g, re-add L-alanine 0.2g, L-methionine 0.2g, L-threonine 0.2g, L-aspartate 0.2g, L-tyrosine 0.2g, L-tryptophan 0.2g;

        After all dissolved, constant volume to 1000ml.

Use-method: The formula composition diluted 500~1000 times, sprayed on the surface of the plant, after the first application, re-application 15-20 days per interval, after three times the best effect can be achieved.

Use-case 1:

   The growth regulator of this formula and some commercially available growth regulator were sprayed on the leaf of tobacco、pepper、tomato, etc, the preventive effect of viral disease:




Disease type

Tobacco virus disease inhibition rate(%)

Tomato virus disease inhibition rate(%)

Pepper virus disease inhibition rate(%)

some commercially available growth regulator




Chitosan oligosaccharide composition





Use-case 2:

   Sprayed the growth regulator of this formula on the tomato leaves, after 120 hours check its influence to spore germination and mycelium growth of Tomato Fusarium Wilt. Detected changes in content of volatile antifungal substances in the tomato after spraying by technology of GC/MS.



Volatile antifungal substances

Oxygenated lipid(μg/kg)

Terpene (μg/kg)






some commercially available growth regulator




Chitosan oligosaccharide composition





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