Effect of Chitooligosaccharides of Different Molecular Weight on Cold Resistance of Cucumber Plug Seedlings

Chitooligosaccharides have good water solubility, strong functions and high biological activity. When used in agriculture, they have the functions of regulating plant growth and development, activating plant defense reactions, sterilization and disease prevention, etc., which can increase crop yield and quality, and improve crop disease resistance. In this article, Di Wenwei discussed the effect of different molecular weight chitosan on the cold resistance of cucumber plug seedlings.

The test uses chitosan oligosaccharides with a molecular weight of less than 2000, less than 3000, and less than 5000 to form a solution with a concentration of 1 mg/L, 10 mg/L, 50 mg/L, 100 mg/L, and 200 mg/L, that is, T1 (MW <2000, 1 mg/L), T2 (MW<2000, 10 mg/L), T3 (MW<2000, 50 mg/L), T4 (MW<2000, 100 mg/L), T5 (MW<2000 , 200 mg/L), T6 (MW<3000, 1 mg/L), T7 (MW<3000, 10 mg/L), T8 (MW<3000, 50 mg/L), T9 (MW<3000, 100 Mg/L), T10 (MW<3000, 200 mg/L), T11 (MW<5000, 1 mg/L), T12 (MW<5000, 10 mg/L), T13 (MW<5000, 50 mg/L) Liter), T14 (MW<5000, 100 mg/liter), T15 (MW<5000, 200 mg/liter), a total of 15 treatments, spray cucumber plug seedlings with them, 30 plants for each treatment; another clean water facility Control CK. Each spray is based on leaf droplets as the standard. Zhenyezhan starts spraying at normal times, spraying once every 5 days. The root vigor of the seedlings, the soluble sugar content of leaves, malondialdehyde, proline and other indicators were determined. The experimental results are shown in Figure (1-4): T9 (MW<3000, 100 mg/L) treatment can greatly increase the root vigor, soluble sugar content and proline content of cucumber plug seedlings under low temperature. Reduce the MDA content in the plant; T9 treatment can significantly improve the cold resistance of cucumber plug seedlings.

Figure 1 The effect of different molecular weight chitosan on the root activity of cucumber plug seedlings under low temperature

Figure 2 The effect of oligochitosan with different molecular weights on the soluble sugar in cucumber plug seedling leaves at low temperature

Figure 3 The effect of different molecular weight oligochitosan on the content of malondialdehyde in cucumber plug seedlings at low temperature

Figure 4 The effect of different molecular weight chitosan on the proline content of cucumber plug seedlings under low temperature

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