Good news!Our marine oligosaccharide standard products won the national standard sample certification!

    Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation (STANDARDIZATION Administration) approved the release of 88 national standard samples, including the Standard Samples for Testing Wheat Flour Silty Curve - Stability Time. Four standard samples of Qingdao BZ oligo  Biotech Co., LTD., including D-mannouronic acid sodium, passed the expert review, examination and confirmation of the National Standard Sample Committee in August this year, and obtained the national Standard sample certification. Details are as follows:

    Standard sample refers to a batch of samples with enough uniform one or more chemical, physical, biological, engineering or sensory performance characteristics, technical identification, and with the relevant performance data certificate. A physical sample of equal quality whose properties are compared with the test sample and whose purity is suitable for the purpose of use. Standard sample is an essential standard reference to confirm product quality. It has high uniformity, accuracy of quantity value and good stability. Using it as a standard reference to evaluate product quality can ensure the traceability, accuracy and legitimacy of test results. The standard sample of oligosaccharides was developed to solve the problem that the lack of standard samples in health products industry, dairy products industry, beverage industry and other fields seriously affected the quality control and quality testing of products. The accuracy, comparability and traceability of test results in international communication can only be guaranteed by using standard samples.

    The marine oligosaccharide standard substance is extracted, separated, purified, qualitative and quantitative marine oligosaccharide standard substance from Marine organisms. It is an oligosaccharide monomer with a purity of more than 95% and is mainly used for content testing and scientific research. Modern separation technologies such as integrated membrane separation, adsorption, distribution, gelexclusion and ion exchange are adopted. At present, four series of 136 standard products have been prepared and successfully marketed, and the goal of 400 oligosaccharide standard products of "Blue Drug Storehouse" is being realized. Technology has uniqueness and monopoly; The product has the characteristics of full variety and high purity. Widely used in medicine, food, aquaculture, modern agriculture, daily chemicals and biochemical reagents and other fields of new product development; Reference material for oligosaccharide inspection and analysis and quality control; Preparation of oligosaccharide chips; Studies on the interaction between oligosaccharides and proteins; The structure-activity relationship and mechanism of action of oligosaccharides are studied in the fields of sugar chemistry and sugar biology. At present, our Marine oligosaccharide standard products have been sold well both at home and abroad. On behalf of our customers, we have USP, Sigma-Aldrich, Carbosynth, J&K, etc.

    The completion of national standard sample certification of our company fills the domestic gap, which will help solve the difficult problem of marine oligosaccharide detection, form a standardized, unified, direct marine oligosaccharide detection method, further promote the promotion and application of marine oligosaccharide, and provide the basic technical conditions for the construction of related standardization work in China. The successful development of national standard samples of marine oligosaccharides provides the technical basis and material guarantee for the international technical mutual recognition and business activities of related products, overcomes the threshold of products entering the international market, meets the requirements of enterprises to meet the international standards and establish technical trade barriers. Qingdao BZ oligo  Biotech Co., LTD., will continue to surpass, innovate, and develop more series and more kinds of marine oligosaccharide standards for the benefit of mankind and the world!

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