Protective effect of chitosan oligosaccharide on acute alcoholic liver injury in mice

The chitosan oligosaccharide refers to an oligosaccharide having a degree of polymerization obtained by degrading the chitosan between 2 and 20. Compared with chitosan, the chitosan oligosaccharide has good water solubility, is easy to absorb, transform and utilize in the body, and can play a more important physiological function. The research has shown that the chitosan oligosaccharide has good anti-oxidation, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effects, and has the effects of reducing blood fat and assisting in the treatment of diabetes. The protective effect of chitosan oligosaccharide on acute alcoholic liver injury in mice was studied.

The experiment was divided into control group, alcohol model group, positive control group, low dose chitosan oligosaccharide group, middle dose chitosan oligosaccharide group and high dose chitosan oligosaccharide group. The positive control group was given 150mg/kg biphenyl diester with 0.2ml/20gmb every day, and the three dose chitosan oligosaccharide groups were given 70140210mg/kg chitosan oligosaccharide every day. The mice in the control group and the alcohol model group were given the same volume of distilled water.

After 30 days of continuous administration, the control group was given distilled water and fasting for 16 hours, the alcohol model group, the positive control group and three dose chitosan oligosaccharide groups were given 50% ethanol solution of 12ml/kgmb, and then the mice were killed. The liver histology of mice was examined, and the activities of glutamic-pyruvic transaminase, glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase, total cholesterol, liver coefficient, glutathione content, SOD activity and malondialdehyde content in serum were measured. The results showed that the degree of liver tissue injury in chitosan oligosaccharide group was less than that in alcohol model group. Compared with the normal group, the alt, AST activity and TC concentration in the model group were significantly increased, and the alt, AST activity and TC concentration in the positive control group and chitosan oligosaccharide group were significantly lower than those in the model group. Compared with the model group, The content of SOD in the three-dose-shell-oligosaccharide group increased by 44.8%, 50.5% and 64.7%, respectively, compared with the model group. The content of GSH was 70.4%, 78.1%, 78.9%, respectively, and the content of MDA decreased by 29.9%, 11.5% and 26.4%, respectively, than that of the model group.

The results of the experiment show that the chitosan oligosaccharide can significantly lower the activity of serum ALT and AST, improve the liver function, the liver coefficient, the TC concentration and the MDA content in the liver are also significantly reduced, the accumulation of fat is effectively reduced, the GSH content and the SOD activity are obviously increased, and the lipid peroxidation degree is reduced; To observe the pathological sections of the liver, it is clear that the arrangement of the liver cells of the chitosan oligosaccharide group is in order, and the chitosan oligosaccharide can effectively relieve the liver injury caused by alcohol.

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