Research progress of chitosan in gastric ulcer medicine

  1.  Antiacid Therapy

Chitosan can be used as a potential natural anti-gastric acid drug, on the one hand because chitosan, as the only alkaline polysaccharide existing in nature, has a pKa value of about 6.2~7.0 d- glucosamine residues, which can neutralize the acid; at the same time, it is a biopolar macromolecule, which can adsorb part H+, obviously can inhibit gastric acid. On the other hand, after chitosan is dissolved in gastric acid, it can form a protective film in the stomach, covering the surface of gastric mucosa, further inhibiting the secretion of gastric acid and reducing the activity of pepsin, thus reducing the damage of gastric acid and pepsin to gastric mucosa.

  1. Against Helicobacter pylori

Chitosan has broad-spectrum antibacterial effect, it can effectively inhibit the growth of Helicobacter pylori; Chitosan can destroy the morphology and ultrastructure of bacteria and finally inhibit the growth of Helicobacter pylori. the pH =6.0 concentration of chitosan solution with h. pylori was treated 24 h later, the morphology of h. pylori was diverse, the cell wall was destroyed, and the internal structure of bacteria changed. Chitosan probably by destroying the outer membrane structure, function and permeability of h. pylori, the bacterial contents exudate, the bacteria rupture, and enter into h. pylori from the broken extracellular membrane, acting with the cytoplasm, disrupting its metabolism, and ultimately acting against h. pylori.

  1. Gastric mucosal protectants

chitosan has a certain protective effect on gastric mucosa. its protective effect is not simple mechanical coverage, but by acting with gastric acid, it forms gelatinous liquid and adheres to the gastric wall to form protective film. at the same time, chitosan can also inhibit the stimulation and erosion of gastric acid on gastric damaged surface and promote the repair of damaged surface. Because of its strong bacteriostatic activity, and only dissolved in weak acid, entering the stomach is quickly dissolved into a viscous colloid, attached to the ulcer surface, not only can protect the ulcer tissue, but also play its effective role, and has a better therapeutic effect on gastric ulcer.

  1. Chitosan can be used as a drug controlled release material

Chitosan has biological compatibility and can be biodegradable in human body, so it can be used as drug controlled release material in anti-gastric ulcer drugs, and the derivative of chitosan can also be used as a good biological carrier for drug sustained release.




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