Studies on Oxygen Resistance of Chitosan Oligosaccharides and Its Keep-keeping Performance to Crucian Carp

A large number of domestic and foreign scientific experiments have proved that chitosan oligosaccharides have strong antioxidant properties. some results show that the scavenging rate of chitosan oligosaccharides to hydroxyl free radicals is up to 89.2%. in addition, chitosan oligosaccharides, as a high-efficiency, non-toxic, tasteless, low-cost natural preservative, are mostly used for fruit and vegetable preservation. Aquatic products are rich in protein and many kinds of unsaturated fatty acids, the water content is high, fat oxidation, microbial breeding and spoilage are easy to occur. In this experiment, the antioxidant properties of chitosan oligosaccharides and the preservation properties of crucian carp were studied, which laid a foundation for the wider application of chitosan oligosaccharides.

The oxidation of chitosan oligosaccharides was determined by o-diazo-fe2 oxidation method, dpph method and o-phenol oxidation method. After washing the fresh live crucian carp,2% solution of chitosan oligosaccharides was evenly coated with sterile brush on the surface of crucian carp. random sampling every 2 days for the detection of relevant indicators.

Studies have shown that chitosan oligosaccharides have strong antioxidant capacity, which is mainly related to the short molecular chain of chitosan oligosaccharides, thus exposing more active amino and hydroxyl groups. Oligosaccharide film preservation test shows that chitosan film treatment can effectively slow down the rate of protein spoilage and fat oxidation in crucian carp, reduce the propagation of bacteria, and thus prolong the shelf life of crucian carp, which is of great practical significance and lays a foundation for the research and application of chitosan oligosaccharides in more fields.


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